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The forgotten human nature…

In the flood of techniques that enhance the quality of life and our presence in it, we forget the capability for self-alignment that we carry in ourselves as living creatures…self-alignment.

Can undignified principles treat the body?


The discipline Spontaneous Movements

Three steps to living in the moment Now

… is simple technique that uses exercises to activate our body’s natural mechanism of relieving chronic stress and tension (trauma) through spontaneous movements of the body. The body is thereby encouraged to return to a state of balance naturally. We are all born with this mechanism but are then trained out of it by our culture. We do not need to know what specific traumas we are addressing. This process bypasses the need to go into our stories.

It represents natural and dignified way to release stress, tension and trauma.

The discipline consists of understanding the importance of non-identification, three different approaches to movement, and questions intended to keep in contact with oneself:


Be but a witness to the change in your physical feelings and to your own thoughts; don’t get attached to your feelings or your thoughts … rather recognize them, accept them, and let them go. Open your space: open your space consciously; feel the long spine up and down. Listen left and right. Softly and broadly look front and “back”, without focus. When doing this, we feel our breath entering the abdomen; we can help it gently with the abdominal muscles. We relax our jaw and knees … presence and awareness of the process is the key … don’t fear your own feelings

Abdominal breathing

This part aims to form a physical and energetic center in the abdomen and keep it there. We reach this goal by repeating any or all of the suggested exercises, as we deem necessary (between every 60 to 90 minutes), for a period of 3-6 weeks. During this time, we teach the nervous system to function in a new way. This is a simple way to release non-chronic tensions throughout the day … click for Lin cartoon and read more

Regeneration movements

Are a set of exercises that release chronic tension in physical structures through spontaneous trembling. In this way we relax the nervous system and augment its capacity to receive information so it functions longer with the parasympathetic part; regenerative and calm state of nervous system. We help the mind and the body evolve by liberating them from old patterns – trauma … Adjust the frequency and duration of the exercises according to your own feelings … click for Lin cartoon and read more

Coherent movement

Takes care of stabilizing the body after the process of regeneration movements and is a suitable supplement to increase awareness in everyday life. Using the principles of Rhythm, Topic and its quality, and Audience stabilizes our day to day functioning and opens possibilities of exploring the use of our body and the three parts of the brain … click for Lin cartoon and read more


The following questions will help you keep the body relaxed and the mind calm in everyday life or when you perform the movement techniques. The goal is to feel the answer, to find a connection with yourself, and at the same time to create a space between yourself and the world around you. This space gives you the chance to recognize change inside and out of yourself, and create a relation to yourself and to your surroundings. Relation is key

Who am I? (Feel the answer.)
Where am I at this moment?
What is my intention and relation to my surroundings?
Why is there tension in my head or body? How can I release it or let it go?
What conviction can I get rid of today to calm my mind?
Do I feel a rhythm around me and do I realize my actions?
How big is my space and how do I feel inside it?
Connect with the feeling of plenty of time.
Do I feel I have enough time?

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Human Evolution is Ego Development or Embodiment

The state of ego or body center is far from static. Quite the opposite, it has the potential for being dynamic and exploring life in a broader sense.

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Four Rhythms of Nervous System

The modern way of life only supports one or two energetic patterns — the principle of pressure and the principle of structure. Both patterns belong to the left, we like to say more logical brain hemisphere, which forces us to look at life as a linear process … which it most certainly is not.

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The Field of Possibility…

The use of movement techniques, the choice and manner of nutrition, music, learning, and our lives in general should therefore have the direction of a greater peace and with it dignity…

It is a practice that opens the door to the moment of the TimeBeing and gives a feeling of at least some FreeWill at the same time.

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Book and MoveShop…

The book with title Spontaneous Movements, Life is Evolution of Brething is available. The purpose of the book is spreading the knowledge on Possibilities of self-alignment the body and mind. Feel invited to read Chapters from the book …

If you have amy questions or comment about Spontaneous Movements or you would like to organize a moveshop in your own town, please write …


About the author(s)…

I introduce myself as Igor Čurič, born in Ljubljana in the hot summer of 1966. I like to eat, to philosophise and will stay eternal romantic and idealist…

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Ideas for exercise…

Look inside for ideas for exercises, based on principle of Spontaneous Movements.